Managing to get a consistent cash flow can be difficult for an urgent care center. There are many aspects of the business that can slow down the rate of cash coming into the business, and one of the primary causes is poor billing procedures. Getting a much better cash flow could be the result of simply hiring an urgent care medical billing company NYC.

The Key to Better Cash Flow

One thing that will certainly slow down the desired flow of cash your business needs to thrive is improper coding. The flow of cash can be increased by ensuring that the right coding is used in your billing and claims. At Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation, we keep on top of the changes in coding to ensure your claims are not rejected due to faulty coding.

We help many urgent care centers from the ground up, and we are filing claims for many insurers. This helps us to keep on our toes concerning the many changes in coding. Up until now, we have sent out billing for more than $3.2 billion in medical debt.

Patient Billing

With more and more patients using high deductible medical plans, it means that the insurance companies are paying less and the patients are responsible for a growing percentage of the claims. This makes it imperative that your patients be reminded constantly of the debt they still owe.

We provide monthly billing for your patients to help ensure that they are reminded of their debt. Our experience has shown that this helps to bring in a much larger percentage of the debt. Some patients who may not otherwise pay are put into a monthly payment plan that they can afford. This helps bring in more cash regularly.

Collection Services

As an urgent care medical billing company NYC, we also can provide collection services for your medical center. This is another way we help you to get the needed cash flow.

Move Your Office Into the Future

Our company, the Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation, can help you simplify your office procedures. We do this by fully automating your work-flow with various software solutions. When applied to your office, it will give you the office of tomorrow.

We provide software for all of your office needs. This includes software for Electronic Medical Records, for Medical Billing, Medical Document Management, Practice Management Software, and more. We also provide solutions to help you manage your financial needs, regulatory needs, and more.

Help for Startups, Too

If you are an urgent care center looking to get started, we can also help you lay the groundwork to ensure you get started right and can get a good cash flow from the beginning. We can help you with Medical Credentialing, getting properly contracted with the insurance companies, getting enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid, provide you with quotes for malpractice, and much more.

The Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation is all about improving your bottom line by operating your business more efficiently. We are an urgent care medical billing company, NYC, and can greatly improve your cash flow and enable you to fully automate your business for the future.