Getting your new urgent care facility properly credentialed is essential to getting paid by the insurance companies. Without it, you risk not getting paid at all for some of your services, as well as other potential problems. Doing it right requires an urgent care credentialing company NYC that has experience.

The Time Involved

Being properly credentialed is going to take some time. In many cases, it can take about three to six months. If there are several delays due to complications with being credentialed, this could mean the delay could be extended. Some companies may cause you to start over if data is missing or incorrectly entered on the forms.

The Guidelines for Getting Credentialed

In order for an urgent care center to get credentialed and paid by the insurance companies, it is necessary to meet some specific guidelines. These guidelines are very specific as far as minimum standards go, but they must be met before credentialing can be given.

Determine Your Focus

In many cases, an urgent care center will be paid a flat fee for services rendered to a patient. These fees cover everything that the patient receives. In order to get paid for separate services, you may want the urgent care center to be considered as a primary care/internal medicine clinic. This status will enable you to get higher payments for treatment. In some areas, however, it may not matter.

Plan Your Medical Practitioners

Pay from the insurance company will also depend on the status of your treatment staff. If you are going to use a licensed physician, who will be in the center during all open hours, you can expect the insurer to pay at a higher rate. If a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician’s Assistant will sometimes be on duty, without a licensed physician being present, the pay received will be less.

Why Use an Urgent Care Credentialing Company NYC

There are many other criteria that must be met before a center can be credentialed and ready for business. There are many steps and detailed paperwork that must be filled out correctly before the credentialing process is successfully completed. Because insurance companies may not pay until the credentialing process is finished, it only makes a lot of sense to get it done right the first time – and in as little time as possible.

Get an Experienced Credentialing Company

There are many steps in getting properly credentialed. Instead of trying to navigate these difficult waters on your own, you can hand it over to a company with a lot of experience in the field – and with the insurers you choose to work with. This will enable you to use your time to devote to getting the office up and running soon.

The Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation is an Internet-based urgent care credentialing company NYC. We are experienced in helping urgent care centers get properly credentialed. We also can provide your office with all its needs – equipping you for the future, and giving you support, too. We are located in Brooklyn, NY. Call us today at (718) 480-6700 and let us show you how we can help you get started for success.