Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation – IT Solutions Division provides support and maintenance to assure a seamless migration journey to healthcare organizations, ensuring financial and clinical accuracy of data while following a cost, time and resource effective strategy.

Healthcare providers across the United States are witnessing a metamorphic change as the Healthcare industry prepares to migrate from ICD-9 to ICD-10 within the next coming years. Organizatons are investing their time and effort in developing comprehensive strategies that will ensure smooth and uninterrupted ICD-10 transition.

In this journey to develop effective migration strategies, one of the biggest hurdles that companies will have to overcome is validation post remediation. There is a compelling need for organizations to have a testing and validation strategy in place that has an end to end business driven view of the entire migration journey to ensure sucessful remediation of systems, processes and functions.

IT Solutions Division of Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation offers a structured approach that identifies business impacts at every step of the migration journey. Our end to end ICD-10 validation solution ensures immediate operational readiness post remediation.