Medical Billing & Collections

Healthcare Global is dedicated to helping doctors of all specialties to increase their cash flow by using new innovations in technology. With our company you will find solutions for revenue cycle management and speeding up the time it takes to properly receive reimbursement from both insurance companies and your patients. You will also find information on our other services that can help you increase your patient base and build and expand your practice.

Electronic Claim Processing
Healthcare Global submits claims electronically for faster payment turnaround time. Typically, 35 percent of paper claims are rejected due to errors, which is not the case with electronic claims.

Fewer Rejections, Faster Payments

The claims go through an intense audit process to filter errors, reduce rejections, and encourage prompt payment.

Rejected Claims Processing

Claims returned by insurance service providers do not need to undergo delayed re-processing. Our medical billing services module immediately analyzes the rejected claims and prepares them for resubmission.

Our Profit Recovery Service fills a void in the accounts receivable marketplace created by two mature industries, which attempt to help creditors but fall short. Billing software and/or billing companies (the first industry) are extremely good at creating an itemized bill initially and keeping track of what is outstanding. Billing companies, however, usually do not have the systems in place to go after accounts which age past 60 days. When accounts age to this point where they are becoming harder to collect, providers place them with collection agencies (the second industry) with the hope that they will recover some or all of the money. Generally, these agencies produce poor results and charge a large fee to do so.