Healthcare Global Solutions Corporation is a leader in the Document Management Solutions industry. We take warehouses full of paper documents, scan them using very high-speed scanners, and store them electronically using advanced database technology. Users can search, retrieve, and utilize advanced imaging functionality from their desktop. Why waste time filing and rummaging through file cabinets? Unlike its paper counterpart, electronic data is secure, portable, legal, easy to back up, and immediately accessible to users!


  • Treat more patients with more space

  • No more misplaced charts

  • No worries about chart security and HIPAA compliance

  • ​Optimize employee efficiency as they save time  locating and pulling charts

  • No more limited real estate

  • Natural disaster, fire, water damamge protection

Key Features:

  • Bulk high-speed scanning

  • Indexing and verification

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Integration with document management system

Healthcare Global offers scanning and indexing services to help practices convert their paper records to electronic file format. Patient documents are scanned and indexed based on each practice’s unique criteria and stored in the practices’ document management systems.

Our Promise to You:

Our promise is simple. We will provide you with the highest quality document management services available anywhere – and a dedication to servicing your every filing, scanning, or shredding need.